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Dragon Citywas created and published by “Social Point” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

If you have ever dreamt of seeing the dragons age or bring them back to life from dead…then this game should be more than enough!

Get prepared for a very exciting journey, as you will be creating your own dragon city. Imagine taking control over an entire city full of dragons. Starting from breeding them, ending up with using them at battle arenas.

The gems, gold, and apples are available to be purchased through the in game store, but you can substitute the store with the Dragon City cheats.

Welcome To Your Island!

Meet Deus, the Dragon Master and he is going to help you on your way to becoming a powerful Dragon master too, as this is going to become your main task at the game.

There are several instructions you need to follow in order to get the dragon city up and fully functional.

  1. Visit the shop frequently to check for new unlocks
  2. The new structures will get unlocked as you advance in level
  3. Remember our instructions to save as much coins as possible
  4. Read more About Us a healthy habitat

The shop contains six categories, and you can exit it from the top right corner of the screen. We will speak with more details About Us each category. So read this full Dragon City review to its end to ensure that you are fully aware of the game basics.


Terra habitat is the first one you will be establishing in your city. You will be able to unlock more habitats later on as you proceed forward. No doubt the Dragon City cheats will cover the cost of any habitat you are About Us to establish successfully.

Hatch Your First Dragon!

Establishing new buildings will reward you with experience points. Tap on the building to claim the rewards. However, since we have been speaking About Us the habitats and their features, we would love to move now to the next phase, which is hatching a dragon.

Enter the hatchery to get your first dragon. In addition, here is a quick list for the instructions…

  1. Enter Hatchery
  2. Tap on the Egg button
  3. Choose the desired type of dragon
  4. Speed up the hatching process with the mentioned tips

Each type of dragon needs to be placed on the right habitat. So increasing the number of habitats in your dragon city is something necessary.

  • You can always share your latest achievements and unlocks to your social media accounts.

Hatching a dragon is not the end of the game; you need to start putting a plan to take care of it. Feeding the dragon and covering all his needs.

Tap on the habitat to select the dragon you want to feed. Then you tap onthe feed button until your dragon grows to level four.

If you ever ran out of food, then you can get extra apples through the in game purchases feature.

The Importance of Gems in Dragon City

Do not be afraid, that is not an earthquake, just a dignified terra dragon out for a walk. Terra dragons are known for their love of dirt and extremely humble and honest nature.

We cannot ignore the importance of having a food farm in your city. When it comes to the first time, you will be unlocking five new items at the game as soon as you complete this building.

There are two ways to get food into your city. Building farms and take care of the crops or find a faster alternative.

  • Once your food is ready! Tap on the farm to collect it continuously…

Following all the instructions we have mentioned previously will ensure that you are on the right track…

Flexible Settings Menu

You are required to enter your age to play the game once you complete the tutorial. You must be old enough and accept the new rules and polices of the game.

  • The daily login reward is following the 15 days’ time frame
  • The rewards will be moved to your storage automatically
  • You will receive tons of gems once you start using the Dragon Cityhack
  • Customize your gameplay experience and make it as friendly as possible…

  1. Enable/Disable The Music and Sound effects
  2. Choose from 12 different global languages
  3. Link your social media accounts to the game
  4. Change the player if you have more than one account logged
  5. Gem spend confirmation
  6. Support team that is there with FAQ
  7. Keep yourself updated with the latest game changes
  8. Players community to share your knowledge with each other

It is required to reach level 16 to unlock the chatting box. It will give you an access to a worldwide chat to share your moments together.

You can join an alliance at level 16 as well. Having an alliance by your side will always boost up your confidence and enable you to enjoy some extra features in the game, which we will talk About Us later on here…

The Breeding Mountain

The flame dragon louche. If you cannot take the heat, stay away from the Flame Dragon! This temperamental creature is easily set off, but calms down just as fast. And he always feels deep remorse for the things he burned.

  • There is always an option to regrow the same crop again
  • Rename the dragons to identify them
  • Ensure you have enough funds

The breeding mountain:

This is where the magic happens. Put two dragons inside and see what comes out! Speed it up with Gems if you want to find out faster. You can upgrade the breeding mountain to deuce the breeding times by 20%...

Login with your Facebook to get 10 free gems. They will not publish anything on your Facebook without your permission. For sure, reading the Dragon Cityreview will keep you always siting on a safe stack of gems.

You can always save your game progression on your social media accounts that is something you should add into consideration…

The star on the top left corner will show you the items you are About Us to receive on the next level. There is also a progression bar to keep a close track of your gameplay.

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