General Tips

This section was created specially to help the veterans to improve their gameplay level at the Dragon City Game. Therefore, if you feel like that you have reached the peak level, and then you should consider looking at this quick review.

There are several strategies to follow, in order to have a successful dragon city. Down below, we will start illustrating those strategies from the easiest to the hardest.

Ensure That You Are Siting On A Stable Amount Of Resources!

Water and food are the main sources of life, without them we would drop dead in matter of days. So does your city, you need to make sure that you have enough food to feed your dragons and keep their health at its best possible state.

Investing your money in farms and growing up new types of crops would benefit your main goal of flourishing the city and putting it at the top rankings. If you decided to go ahead and hatch excessively many dragons than you can feed, then that would be a very wrong idea and would mean the end to your dragon city.

Collecting the food regular from the farms is a very important move. It will save you time and cover up the upcoming days in the dragon city. Cleaning Out the City…

At some point of the game, you will run out of empty spaces to construct new facilities. That is when you should starting to put all the new plans on hold until you have enough money to clear out all the obstacles.

The city will come with natural trees and rocks, even mountains could possibly be there. Clearing them out does not come for free, so you will ensure that your gold balance is enough to cover the cost of this operation.

Take Your Time When It Comes To Breeding

The last thing you want to rush out is the breeding. You could end up with a useless dragon or an ugly one that is when you will find yourself in a trouble. Do not add any dragon to your city unless you are 100% sure that it will improve the dragon city not destroy it.

Create your own list of possibilities to know exactly what you should be expecting from the breeding process.

Do not give up easily, as you will see many failures and repeated species coming up. Keep trying and by keep trying we mean using the same species for breeding, the results will change depending on your luck levels.

Knowing The Right Habitats

Picking up the right habitats for your dragons is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in the game. If you do not know what habitats are, then you should know that the habitats are the places where the dragons will live in.

Each habitat has its own conditions, so evaluating the situations to end up with the right habitat that will serve the dragon needs will require some studies from you.

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