Tips To Expand Your Territory

At some point of the game, you will get bored from the closed areas and the lack of space…so you need to start considering the expansion option.

It will cost you much, but you can keep playing the game to get enough gold or simply use the Dragon City cheats and jump ahead of any obstacle.

There are only three expansion options available, and the bigger your city gets the more it will cost you to fill it up with the facilities.

The buildings are being built on the squares system. Therefore, you have to start putting a plan to get the best out of your land.

Leaving excessively many wasted squares behind is something you will regret later on. Also, having the decoration system in your mind whilst constructing the city is something very important. In addition, the Dragon City hack with the expansion offer, you will have many squares to manage.

  • Clear out the obstacles in your city to free up squares to build much more important facilities.

Choose Your Battle Wisely

If you have ever thought that the game is about hatching dragon eggs then you are mistake! You can now use the dragons and enter battles with players from all over the world.

The battle system is split into four categories:

  1. Leagues: this is a very long and challenging, but you have to be patient and use the Dragon City cheats for the long run.
  2. Quests: they are being updated frequently, so check on it from time to time
  3. Arenas: it will be unlocked at level 12, and you should be prepared for a closed are battle against other players face to face.

Some facilities will come already built in the city, so you might want to save for it to purchase it and activate it.

The arena challenge will take your gameplay experience into a completely new level that is something we have noticed previously. Therefore, you must put your focus on achieving the level 12 as fast as possible in order to take this opportunity.

You can enter the goals section to claim your desired rewards once you complete the given tasks. You can also start doing a mixture between the breeds you have to get a new breed out of the box.

Always let yourself experience new challenges and experiments, so the best play to do such a thing is through the breeding feature. Our final verdict on the game, that it would kill your spare time and it will take through a very interesting journey with several challenges. It will always surprise you

Do not forget to link your social media account with the game in order to get the most benefits from the game. You will be able to enjoy the cloud saving feature and accessing all the progression data from any other device by simply using the same account to regloin. There will be coins and gems coming as a reward for you once you link the account if you ask me.

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